K.D Jewellery is a small, home-based business which opened in November 2013.  Owned and operated by Kirsty Dimond; a 29-year old wife, mother and professional-crafter, from Newton Abbot, South Devon.

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A Message from the Maker...

I've always been creative; from a young age where I was making things from whatever materials were in my Nan's junk box right up until now, whether it be my own creations or helping my kids with their school projects (in which case I still make things from whatever materials I can find in our junk box!).  I've dabbled in lots of crafts throughout the years, but had never turned my hand to jewellery until I needed a new bracelet.  I knew exactly what I wanted but couldn't find anything similar and so, I decided to make it myself!  That was when i discovered macramé.  I started out with a simple design but the more I practised, the more I felt confident enough to expand.  The intricacy and technicality of macramé fascinates me; and, even now, I still find it amazing that such beautiful patterns can be made from just a of series knots!  I still have a long way to go when it comes to be expanding my collections, and there are always new techniques to learn, but the story of how K.D Jewellery started is a simple one... I found something that I love to do!

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Professional Memberships and Awards

K.D Jewellery was accepted by the Professional Crafter's Guild in 2014. The Guild itself was established in 2011 to help Professional Crafters show that they mean business and that their craft is not 'just a hobby'.  It aims to raise the profile of the beautiful crafts that are available from people who have a passion for creating and keep those special skills alive in such a contemporary society.  The Guild also provides a directory of their members so that they can find each other and be found by the general public.  If you love handmade, pop over a browse the members directory here.

Last year, K.D Jewellery was officially named the #QueenOf Macramé Jewellery by the wonderful people over at The Royal Connection and; on 12th February this year, K.D was also named one of the six weekly winners of Theo Paphitis’ Small Business Sunday (#SBS) competition.  These competitions, both held on Twitter, give small businesses the opportunity for recognition and promotion, as well as amazing support from fellow business owners.

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