Top Tips - Choosing Jewellery
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Planning your wedding and wondering about how to accessorise on the big day? Here are some great tips to help you choose the perfect jewellery…

1. Choose your dress first!

You want your jewellery to be the finishing touch to the dress and not the other way around so, it’s always best to leave the jewellery until you’ve selected a dress. Also, many brides decide on a completely different dress to the image they had in their head originally, so it’s best not to choose accessories until you are certain.

2. Always be true to your own style!

Your accessories should always be a reflection of your personality.  If you are comfortable in a certain ‘type’ of jewellery then go for it! Your wedding however may not be the time to experiment… the last thing you want is to feel uncomfortable on your special day.  Your outfit, including the accessories you choose, should make you feel absolutely amazing.

3. Don’t overdo it!

Don’t feel like you have to accessorise every part of you… Less is always more. Also, consider the features of your dress. If your dress has a detailed neckline, opt for earrings rather than making it too busy with a necklace. Or, if your dress is quite simple, you might choose a statement necklace instead, to accentuate the neckline and add some flair.

4. Match your metals!

If you are sticking to metal jewellery, always try and match to your dress. For a white dress, pair with silver or platinum. For ivory or champagne dresses, accessorise with gold; and for blush dresses, a rose gold will coordinate perfectly with the soft pink of the dress. Extra note: don’t worry about the metal of your wedding ring – your ring is in a league all of its own and doesn’t need to match anything unless you want it to!

5.  Let your neckline be your guide!

The neckline of your dress will be a fabulous indicator as to which type of accessories would be the most flattering.  Here’s an idea of which items would best suit certain necklines:-

⁃ Sweetheart or Strapless Necklines:

For sweetheart or strapless necklines, a choker or short, statement necklace will add height and draw the attention towards your face. Alternatively, you could skip the necklace and go for statement earrings instead. If you decide to add a bracelet also, perhaps go for something dainty rather than flashy.

⁃ V Neck or Deep V Neck Necklines:

For this style, select a either a choker or a long pendant necklace.  Or, if it suits your style, you could also try layering both together. Pair the necklace (or necklaces!) with small earrings so as not to detract.

⁃ Boat Neck, Halter or Reverse Halter Necklines:

These necklines don’t leave too much room for necklaces.  Instead, focus on accessorising your hair with a statement hairpiece.  This could be pins or a comb or, for something different, what about a gorgeous hair vine?

⁃ One Shoulder or A-Symmetrical Necklines:

Skip the necklace! Adding a necklace here may interfere with the line of the dress which would be a shame. Instead, go for a pair of beautiful earrings and perhaps a cuff bracelet?

– Queen Anne Neckline:

For this look, a small pendant necklace and a pair of dainty studs would be perfect!  This is such an elegant neckline, you wouldn’t need to add too much.

– An Illusion Neckline:

Once again, skip the necklace.  Instead, complement with a gorgeous pair of drop earrings.

6. Do also consider your hair when choosing earrings!

If you are leaving your hair down you may want to opt for studs or something small. For up dos consider more statement pieces or chandelier danglers for a bolder look.

7. A little general rule for jewellery:

Go with just ONE statement piece, to be complemented by other, more understated, pieces. UNLESS, of course, having more than one statement piece would suit your style then, by all means, go for it!

8. Dare to add colour!

Although it’s tempting, you don’t have to just stick to the traditional metals. Adding a little colour can actually bring a look together, especially if you choose a colour that ties in with your bouquet, your bridesmaids or the colour scheme of your day.

9. Feel free to choose second options for the evening do!

If you decided on dainty and elegant for the ceremony and photos; don’t be afraid to go for something more flashy for the reception. It is a party after all!

10. Don’t leave it until the last minute!

It’s never too early to shop for accessories (as soon as you have settled on your dress, of course!) and it’s always a good idea to have your jewellery for dress fittings and hair trials too so, if you’ve made your decision, don’t leave it too late to purchase either.

So there you have it, 10 Tip Top Tips for choosing your jewellery!  I hope you all have the most beautiful of days…

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