Yes, I know. Technically, I am a little late but since it’s my first official ‘back to work’ day I get to say it again… Happy New Year!!

Firstly, I want to thank each and every one of you for the wonderful support during 2017.  My new designs were so well received (which makes me very proud) and the older makes were still as popular as ever! 2017 also saw the launch of my new website and the expansion of my bridal collection (which I will be continuing to grow this year, hopefully). And let’s not forget the madness of the couples infinity bracelets! Thanks to the popularity of the tv show, Love Island, I made more than 500 infinity bracelets over the second half of the year – Wow! All in all, it was a fantastic year for K.D!

So… what can you expect from K.D for 2018?

  • As I said above, I will be continuing to expand my bridal collection. I already have a new product to launch in the next week or so and a whole page of ideas still in progress.
  • The expansion of the Bridal Collection also means I will be attending more wedding fayres this year. So far, I have events booked for the end of this month (28th January) and also for June (the 10th) but I’m hoping to schedule more for the end of the year too.
  • Another plan of mine is to expand my range of personalised items. My kids bands and party packs were incredibly popular last year and I’d like to build more on this for 2018.

Well, that’s all the behind-the-scenes info I’m going to give you for now; I wish you all the best for the coming year – feel free to come and visit me on social media; it’s much more chatty over there!

Take care, KD x