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2017... I have arrived!

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Happy, happy, happy New Year to you All!

I am very excited to be back in work mode after the holiday as I have decided that 2017 is going to be MY year! Now, I didn’t come to this conclusion on my own... No, certainly not! Instead, I've been inspired by a wonderful lady who is super-dedicated to helping women, like me, realise just how awesome their small businesses can be.

If you follow me on social media you may have seen my video post about the fab new marketing system I decided to invest in from the marketing-mastermind, Claire Mitchell at The Girls Mean Business.  Well, the system is working!

When I started out, I will be honest, it was purely for fun.  I wanted to make things for myself - I wanted a hobby.  I enjoyed learning techniques and trying out new designs.  Even when I begun to sell it was still about the fun of it all.  But then, the unexpected happened.  My 'hobby' actually started to grow and I felt more than just the enjoyment of having a nice pastime.  I felt a sense of achievement.  I had accomplished something that I had never even considered before and, in that moment, I realised that I was a business owner.  I have worked hard for the last few years and business has been good; steady and building.

Over the holiday, I have worked hard behind the scenes, really looking at my business, coming up with new ideas and really thinking about where I am heading. And, now that I've taken a step back and really looked at my business, I am inspired to make my business more than I ever thought it could be – all thanks to Claire.  Claire has taught us ladies to take that step back and see the big picture.  To just stop - take a minute or two - and ask ourselves: where do we want to be? What do we want to achieve? But that’s not all. She has also showed us that no dream is too big; that no goal is impossible.  Our businesses are not just our work; they are a way of life; a part of us.  We ARE our businesses... and we are ALL awesome.

So, there you go... Welcome to 2017 at K.D Jewellery - it is going to ROCK!


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  1. Lynn Whtehouse

    Thanks for this, im off to get mine, nothing more confusing for us business women out there than trying to keep everything going at once without any idea of planning etc Lynn @LynnsGemCreations :)

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