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Buying Handmade... What do you really get?

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There always seems to be so many conflicting opinions regarding the value of handmade/handcrafted/homemade items vs. those that are mass produced. I came across the picture below whlst browsing my news feed on Facebook.  It tells the story of an artist and a customer who also had conflicting views over what it means to buy handmade. 

As a crafter myself, I know only too well the amount of time, care and attention that goes in to creating each piece and how this is often reflected in it's price. But is it worth it? The knowledge and skill involved in making something beautiful with your own two hands? Providing a service that perhaps not everyone else can? I know what I think; but I'm interested in what you think... 

Do you agree with the artist? Or do you also feel that handmade costs too much? And what do YOU think you get when you buy handmade? 


handmade story            what you think youre paying for vs reality    (Photo Credit: Unknown - Source: Google Images)

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